SandPIPER ® ET1½-SM Pump

SANDPIPER® Containment Duty Pumps: Sealless Safety

This pump is part of the Containment Duty Pumps. It is specially fitted with elastomeric driver diaphragms, aluminum spill containment chambers, and elastomeric or PTFE pumping diaphragms.
The liquid-filled containment chambers provide an additional spill containment barrier, should a pumping diaphragm fail.
The Containment Duty design gives the pump user advanced warning of diaphragm failure, before pumpage can damage the air valve, or be released into the work environment.
A “sight tube” style of visual leak detection is standard on this pump, displaying an obvious colour change if a leak occures in the pumping diaphragm.
Electronic leak detection is optional with this model. The Containment Duty Pumps offers many different levels of materials and spill monitoring devices designed to fit a variety of applications and budgets.


  • Pipe Size: 1½ / 40mm
  • Displacement Per Stroke: .09 gal / .34 ltr
  • Max. Flow per Minute: 65 gal / 246 ltr
  • Max. Solids Handling: 1/4" / 6mm
  • Max. Discharge Pressure: 125 PSI / 8.8 BAR
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